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San Francisco Guided Segway Tour

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Seeing the Sights on a San Francisco Electric Tour Segway Tour

Guest Comments and Reviews of our
San Francisco Segway and Electric Bike Tours

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Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 2892 reviews)
5 of 5 stars. The training before the tour was perfect and our guide Dane was the best

Dave T., , 07-2014

WE LOVED IT!! Dane, Stefan and Ty were outstanding. In fact, I don't know if your company is great or if they are just great. I told a friend - the segway tour is awesome, but I don't know if it would be as good without Dane. He made the tour so enjoyable. I am 54 and was VERY nervous and Dane did an excellent job of reassuring me that I could do it and I would be fine and except for being hesitant about going downhill, I did great!! It was the highlight of our 11 day trip for my two boys. I have been bragging about it to everyone!!

Kristi Z., , 07-2014

It's so part of our entire trip! My kids are 12 and 16 and they loved it! Kind of cool to ride on the streets of San Francisco.

Christie D., , 07-2014

This tour was interesting and informative but I have taken other Segway tours in other cities, granted this city is very unique with it's hills and traffic, but I feel that the groups should be much smaller because I couldn't pay attention to "driving" my Segway and listening to the guide. It became overwhelming and I couldn't actually see what he was pointing at since I was at the end of the group. I enjoyed the tour overall with the exception of my comment above.

Suzanne S., United States, 07-2014

It was clear from the start that they take training & safety very seriously. This was important to me as I had my 2 kids along on the tour and SF is a busy city. Alan was a very informative guide (and had an arsenal of corny jokes). But what i appreciated most was when he saw my daughter struggling with the braking he immediately paused the tour to give her another tutorial & moved her to the front of the tour group in order to better monitor her progress. You rock Alan!

David H., , 07-2014

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Segway Advanced Rider - Hills and Crooked Street Tour in San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 350 reviews)

Ken G., , 07-2014

Great way to see the hills of San Francisco!

Lesley-ann P., , 06-2014

This Tour is the Best way to get to know some of the hills of San Francisco!!! I had so much fun and would not change a thing!!!

Misty P., , 06-2014

The segway tours were the highlight of our trip to San Fran. They are a great way to see a lot of the city without wearing out your feet and just darn fun!

Sabrina G., , 06-2014

I had taken this tour before and although I liked our tour guide this time (Alan), he did not give us very much information at all unless we asked a question. We just rode around.

Susan H., United States, 06-2014

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Segway Night Chinatown , Little Italy and Embarcadero Waterfront Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 204 reviews)
Booked my tour over the phone b/c I wanted someone to sell me on it b/c there are so many options online. Barbara did a great job. I spoke and booked with Barbara. When I showed up for the tour, she was the first person I met which I thought was great. Rarely does that happen. Our tour guide did an excellent job. Very friendly, kept it lite and funny and gave us good information. Enjoyed our time with him. I thought I wrote his name down but can not find it. He was a young man from Sacramento that is in college in San Fran. Just wanted to let you know he did a great job. My 15yr old loved it as well. First time on a segway and had a blast.

Pat M., , 07-2014

We had a great time. Our guide was awesome and the tour was a blast...Thanks for having gloves (who knew it was that cold in July!!!) We're coming back to do the Advanced Tour next time.

Scott B., , 07-2014

O'Ryan was awesome!

John V., , 06-2014

Just do it!!! The best part of my vacation bar none was riding around San Franciso on Segways (ended up taking THREE tours in two days because it was so awesome)! Devon and A.G. were both a breath of fresh air and very knowledgable! Excellent!!!

Misty P., , 06-2014

Our tour guide was excellent! I believe his name was Devon, very engaging and fun!

Barbara N., , 06-2014

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Electric Bike Tour Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 295 reviews)
Great fun! So beautiful to see the city on an electric bike - you can peddle to your thigh's content, or use the power to cruise up those crazy hills! Johannes was the perfect guide and host, with just enough stops to hear about and see the Mission district, the GG Bridge, and Sausilito. Returning on the Ferry is a perfect ending to the day! The most challenging aspect is returning the bikes, as it's crowded as your make your back to home base. A definite must-do!

Rita C., , 06-2014

Our electric bike tour over the bridge was the highlight of our San Francisco trip. We would have never seen the Marina Neighborhood, The Palace of Fine Arts, the park by the bridge, Sausalito, or many other tour stops without doing this. The ride was absolutely beautiful, and it was a much better way to see the city than a bus. Johannes was an excellent guide. We felt lucky to end up with him. He was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, accommodating, and fun. My wife and I both loved this experience, and will recommend it to anyone heading to San Francisco.

Jon B., , 06-2014

Johannes proved to be an entertaining, informative and courteous guide. We found the bike tour to be most enjoyable and our lingering stay in Sausalito allowed for a relaxing luncheon.

Peter W., Australia, 05-2014

I am from England and approaching 70 years of age and was more than a little nervous about taking part in the Electric Bike Tour as I am unfamiliar with American roads and general highway requirements. I need not have been so worried as every care was taken to ensure my safety and enjoyment of the tour which was absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend this tour and have to say that it was the highlight of our holiday. Thank you.

james q., , 04-2014

5 of 5 stars

Matthew J., United States, 04-2014

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Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

Average rating:
Average rating: 4.5
(based on 1485 reviews)
loved going deep into golden gate park with the group and rolling quietly along. i grew up going to park (i'm almost 80) and found segway tour took me to areas i'd never investigated to enjoy. segways were a bit of an adventure for me; i had used briefly before, and found using a segway came back readily.

Jerry D., , 07-2014

The tour is great, especially if you have never been to this park. You'll get a nice overview, and you will want to return to explore again the areas that appeal most to you. That would be the only downside, really...that as a part of a larger group, my family did not get a chance to stop and linger at the points that were most interesting to us. But suppose that is true with any type of tour, so not a huge negative. Be sure to give yourself ALOT of time to get in to the park, as there are many places where you cannot make a left-hand turn to enter the park. Get explicit directions or be prepared to navigate your way from the garage to the Segway location as well. This was our first time on Segways (Mom, Dad and two teenagers). was easy and fun for us to learn to ride.

Kevin K., , 07-2014

5 of 5 stars

Ricardo M., , 07-2014

5 of 5 stars

dushyandh b., , 07-2014

5 of 5 stars

Sharon R., , 07-2014

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Electric Tour Company - Segway Tours

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Glide the Waterfront and be a Star! About Guide Rating "*****" Five Stars!

About San Francisco By James Martin

Want to have your picture snapped by leg-weary tourists as you glide effortlessly up San Francisco's legendary hills perched on a high-tech, self-balancing, gyroscopic wonder called a Segway? Want to be a hero to your whining teenagers tired of art museums and fancy food? Take a San Francisco Electric Tour Company Segway Tour. You won't regret it, nor will your kids (must be 12 or older). And if you could charge for each picture taken of you on your Segway, you'd be rich.

The tour is highly recommended. We had a blast. And like I said, if you could manage to charge a buck for every photo taken of you on your Segway, you'd make the tour fee back in a heartbeat.

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There are a lot of ways to see San Francisco but this is one that I highly recommend! by Lee W. Nelson

When I learned that a company was planning to provide San Francisco Tours utilizing the Segway, I was anxious to experience what I had heard so much about.

There are a lot of ways to see San Francisco but this is one that I highly recommend! Like a walking tour you are at street level where you can take in all the smells, sights and sounds but you're able to cover a lot more territory. Riding the Segway is a lot of fun and an experience you won't forget.

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