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San Francisco Guided Segway Tour

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Seeing the Sights on a San Francisco Electric Tour Segway Tour

Guest Comments and Reviews of our
San Francisco Segway and Electric Bike Tours

Read what our guests are saying about their tour experience:

Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 2979 reviews)
Thoroughly enjoyed

Francine H., , 08-2014

It was awesome! We have never been on a Segway but the training was great and we had a lot of fun. We did some other tourist things (e.g., Cable Cars, Alcatraz, Bus Tour, etc) but the Segway Tour was definitely our favorite.

Sam W., , 08-2014

The tour was great fun, we hadn't imagined we would go so far or see so much. Carlos, our guide was very entertaining, very funny but always mindful of our safety. We had ridden segways before but were by no means experienced riders and would urge anyone considering it to give it a go! Two of our party are seniors so it's not just an activity for the youngsters!

David C., , 08-2014

Our tour operator, Mark, made the Segway tour very pleasant. It was a wonderful experience in a wonderful part of the city (Fisherman's Wharf)

Paul S., , 08-2014

4 of 5 Stars

Tawn S., , 08-2014

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Segway Advanced Rider - Hills and Crooked Street Tour in San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 363 reviews)
The advanced Segway tour was a fantastic experience - if a little scary at times! Riding down Lombard Street will be something I will never forget and our tour guide Devon put us at ease throughout.

Gemma A., , 08-2014

This is our third time with you, we hope you come up with more tours for us to do. Several of us had difficulty with our head sets, a lot of scratchy sounds even after we switched channels. The guide spoke in a bit of a monotone, but was very nice and approachable.

Larry s., , 08-2014

Took the advanced tour, very fun and informative.

doug s., , 08-2014

This is a fantastic way to see a lot of San Francisco in a short period of time. I found the experience to be exciting and a neat way to see the sites as well as learn some of the local history. The tour was well paced and comfortable. A great experience.Great simple process. Booking tour was easy. Staff were superb to deal with. Well done team.

Hilton C., , 08-2014

We used new Segways which makes a difference on the hills. Devin [long hair, thin] was an excellent tour guide and host. My third year and this was one of the best tours.

BILL Q., , 08-2014

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Segway Night Chinatown , Little Italy and Embarcadero Waterfront Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 231 reviews)
We loved the tour. Cameron was very entertaining and the night was great success with my lads

Andrew L., , 08-2014

We really enjoyed it very much and can recommend it to everyone.

Ernst B., , 08-2014

I did the night Segway tour in San Francisco and was a little nervous since my kids ages 15 & 13 we're doing the tour as well. The instructions were very clear and easy, Cameron was an excellent guide. We all had a great time. Thanks!

Elizabeth I., , 08-2014

Our family of four (with an 18 and 16 year old boy) had the best time of our vacation on our Segway tour. We have already told so many people to give it a try. During the tour, both of my boys asked for a Segway for Christmas! We would definitely do it again. Our tour guide, Devon, was full of interesting facts and made everyone feel a part of the group. We felt completely safe during the ride and had plenty of training. We had the night tour and loved it, so now we want to come back to San Francisco and do a day tour.

Troy C., , 08-2014

Exploring a city like San Francisco is just that little bit more fun on a Segway. I did the Chinatown night tour and had a lot of fun on the segway and listening to San Francisco trivia offered by our tourguide via earphone (very practical). It was a bit quiet in the streets, which was good and bad. People add to the atmosphere but can also be an obstacle for a group of Seggers... The combo tour with Alcatraz was sold out already - which was a shame but not a big surprise considering it's peak season still. Be sure to book ahead.

Saskia v., , 08-2014

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Electric Bike Tour Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 300 reviews)
Carlos did a great job, very informative and fun tour!

Jason A., , 08-2014

We had about 10 folks on our tour which was way too many people considering that many were not physically fit. 50% of the bikers had no idea regarding the "rules of the road" in biking. In heavily congested areas on the Bridge they barged ahead as though they owned the road with no consideration of other bikers and pedestrians. There was the usual guy who always needed to be the head of the pack and his wife kept cutting everyone off to try to pair up with him. She eventually wiped out in heavily trafficked Fisherman's wharf, running a red light putting herself in front an oncoming car. Bike leaders were not selective enough to either encouter wrong-doers or make them aware of the rules.....

Lorraine P., United States, 08-2014

5 of 5 Stars

Lana O., , 08-2014

We rode the electric bikes and the electricity on my bike and one more faded in and out as they might need more preventive maintenance. When I went two years ago Christian did a fantastic narration of San Francisco and when we went to Sausalito we had enough time to eat a quick lunch and this time we were rushed. I think you need to start the tour earlier so that you may stop at Crissy field the presidio and have a little history.

Joe C., , 07-2014

What an amazing time my Fiance and I had with your tour Company. Johannes was our guide and we could not have asked for a better tour guide and host. Right from the very beginning he made us feel safe, comfortable and well taken care of. He was so very knowledgeable and really made our trip worthwhile. We have told everyone that this tour is a MUST!!!!

Candy W., , 07-2014

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Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

Average rating:
Average rating: 4.5
(based on 1588 reviews)
5 of 5 Stars

Chris P., , 08-2014

5 of 5 Stars

steve b., , 08-2014

Easy to use and fun for the whole family

Sean M., , 08-2014

My husband, 14 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter and I took the Golden Gate Park tour on August 18th at 12:30pm.Our tour guide was Brooke.She was really funny and personable (memorized all of the names of the people in our group in minutes). Trisha also helped with the training and safety (before we took off for the tour with Brooke) and was equally fun and professional as were two nice male employees whose names I don't recall.Golden Gate Park is so beautiful and is a must see. I highly recommend this tour!!

Jill S., , 08-2014

Lot of fun, very entertaining and informative guides.

Miles M., , 08-2014

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Electric Tour Company - Segway Tours

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Glide the Waterfront and be a Star! About Guide Rating "*****" Five Stars!

About San Francisco By James Martin

Want to have your picture snapped by leg-weary tourists as you glide effortlessly up San Francisco's legendary hills perched on a high-tech, self-balancing, gyroscopic wonder called a Segway? Want to be a hero to your whining teenagers tired of art museums and fancy food? Take a San Francisco Electric Tour Company Segway Tour. You won't regret it, nor will your kids (must be 12 or older). And if you could charge for each picture taken of you on your Segway, you'd be rich.

The tour is highly recommended. We had a blast. And like I said, if you could manage to charge a buck for every photo taken of you on your Segway, you'd make the tour fee back in a heartbeat.

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There are a lot of ways to see San Francisco but this is one that I highly recommend! by Lee W. Nelson

When I learned that a company was planning to provide San Francisco Tours utilizing the Segway, I was anxious to experience what I had heard so much about.

There are a lot of ways to see San Francisco but this is one that I highly recommend! Like a walking tour you are at street level where you can take in all the smells, sights and sounds but you're able to cover a lot more territory. Riding the Segway is a lot of fun and an experience you won't forget.

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