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San Francisco Guided Segway Tour

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Seeing the Sights on a San Francisco Electric Tour Segway Tour

Guest Comments and Reviews of our
San Francisco Segway and Electric Bike Tours

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Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 3178 reviews)
Amber was our tour guide and she was awesome. We had a great time.

Rosemarie T., United States, 12-2020

5 of 5 stars

Terry M., United States, 04-2015

5 of 5 stars

Peter K., United States, 04-2015

I love this tour and the guides. It was fun and personal. Please keep up the good work.

Eric J., United States, 04-2015

Was really fun and a great way to see the city and get some historical background.

Blair C., , 04-2015

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Segway Advanced Rider - Hills and Crooked Street Tour in San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 397 reviews)
Papa Duck was a great guide.

Thomas R., United States, 04-2015

JACK is AMAZING!!! Great tour guide and good sense of humor

Matthew E., United States, 03-2015

We absolutely loved it. We booked the advance tour as we had done the basic tour with Katie and loved it so much we wanted to do the advanced. My partner and I did the tour with Johannes and he was so great. We had booked Segways with you from recommendations from our friends that had done it and we are so glad we did, it's such a great way to see parts of the City and segways are so much fun and easy to use. Johannes was a great tour and really cared that we had a fun time. He told us so many interesting things about the park and city. What made it extra special for us was that he kindly shared so many wonderful stories about his San Francisco and his love for the City. Everyone should do the segway tours!!

Sarah T., United States, 03-2015

5 of 5 stars

Allie N., United States, 03-2015

Best way to see a large part of San Francisco in an up close and personal way!

Sherrie C., , 03-2015

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Segway Night Chinatown , Little Italy and Embarcadero Waterfront Tour San Francisco

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 264 reviews)
Our guide made the trip for us!!

Mark C., United States, 04-2015

Fun, informative, easy to ride and the staff gave excellent training so that when we started the tour we were ready. Would do this over and over! Loved it!!

James S., United States, 04-2015

Great experience and a wonderful way to get a taste of the city. So much fun, great guides, interesting places-can't wait to go again! Great team of people who made the experience a lot of fun! Thank you to our guide Dan!

Cyndy W., United States, 04-2015

Dan was a great tour guide- great sense of humor while keeping us interested and safe!!

Sharon C., United States, 04-2015

It's a lot easier to ride a Segway than you might think. Dan, Dan the Segway Man (if he can't teach you, no one can) (his new nickname that he doesn't know about) did a great job of teaching Segway fundamentals. It takes a lot of chutzpah to lead a group of Segway newbies on a night ride. Felt extremely safe with Dan as our leader. Nice stop in Chinatown---better if you don't eat dinner first or if you're looking for souvenirs.

Katharine C., United States, 04-2015

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Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

Average rating:
Average rating: 5.0
(based on 1840 reviews)
4 of 5 stars

Dennis N., , 12-2020

Great way to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time with a lot of interesting information! 2 thumbs up! As a east bay resident I was hoping to see more of the off beat area's. our guide was fantastic and took us through some wooded areas that were hidden wonders i would have never found. we would love to see more of that stuff next time. Sef was our guide.

jennette C., United States, 04-2015

4 of 5 stars

Christopher D., , 04-2015

I bought a Groupon for the Segway tour of Golden Gate Park. I loved it. I had never ridden a Segway before, although I had wanted to for a long time. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous at first, and told our tour guide Ty that I was a nervous Nelly. He said not to worry, that we would practice all the things we needed to know (how to start, stop, turn, slow down, etc.), and we did in the initial training. And when we went out on the tour, we went slow at first, and Ty was very careful that I was comfortable. Even when we picked up speed (maximum 10 miles per hour), I did fine, and I loved it. I wished it went longer. There were only 7 people in our group, and it was a good size, so Ty could make sure everyone was doing ok and deal with any issues anyone had. I have spent many hours in Golden Gate Park over the years, and we went places on the Segway that I had never been to before, which was a treat! It was a great tour, and Ty was wonderful and funny, and very careful that we all knew what we were doing and that we were having fun. I am hoping to take another Segway tour, maybe at Fisherman's Wharf.

Paula K., United States, 04-2015

The tour was fun and learning trivia about GGP made it extra interesting. Having tour photos posted on FB was a great touch...unlike other tours that will take your picture and provide for a fee, being able to download our photos was especially appreciated.

Dolores m., United States, 04-2015

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Electric Tour Company - Segway Tours

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Glide the Waterfront and be a Star! About Guide Rating "*****" Five Stars!

About San Francisco By James Martin

Want to have your picture snapped by leg-weary tourists as you glide effortlessly up San Francisco's legendary hills perched on a high-tech, self-balancing, gyroscopic wonder called a Segway? Want to be a hero to your whining teenagers tired of art museums and fancy food? Take a San Francisco Electric Tour Company Segway Tour. You won't regret it, nor will your kids (must be 12 or older). And if you could charge for each picture taken of you on your Segway, you'd be rich.

The tour is highly recommended. We had a blast. And like I said, if you could manage to charge a buck for every photo taken of you on your Segway, you'd make the tour fee back in a heartbeat.

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